Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New layout and look

Forgot to mention in the last few posts... I updated the layout for the Blog. Includes a mobile layout for those that read this on the go. That is where I spend most of my time reading blogs!!!

So if you are running some RSS reader to read this... Click the link and check it out.


Posting it up again

Whats up?

I am starting to get used to this no free time thing. It has driven me to start using my time very differently. I am spending less time working on each item and moving on to the next project more quickly. Just like this short little blog. 20 mins ago I was doing DNS and VPN maintenance. Quick note... just added a bunch of new features to my Google Apps account, going to be testing out the Google Code repository. Might might migrate from my SVN to that if it works well. Don't really know if I need that level of system for what little I play around with. But you never know!!! I spent about 30 mins doing some simple cleanup and some VPN software updates now I am blogging. I am trying to keep myself from spending 3 hours just playing around with features of the new stuff I find. Never been able to keep myself settled down when there is something cool to go check out.

Just got a new HD for my laptop to fill the second empty slot. Taking my system to the big time with a 640GB 5400 2.5" SATA drive. Picked it up at a bulk rate for only 100 bucks. I filled up my current 160 GB main drive about three days after I installed Windows 7. I am going to dump all my offline files and storage data on this second drive. Maybe in 6 months or so I can pick up a new main drive. Something with a 16MB buffer and a 7200 rpm spin. That will boost the system performance by a huge amount. Who knows maybe even a RAM upgrade... the hardware will support 8 GB!!! I think I need to think about a server to replace my 6 year old server before I start upgrading the now only 12 month old laptop. You never know these days... I may not have time to work on such things.

well that is enough for this update. I will be in touch!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Posting on the fly

I have a new way to blog. With the wordpress android app I now have access to my blog and comments while sitting anywhere. This should help with my posting more often... I think I see a re-occouring theme here.

This is just one more reason I love my android phone. Having the physical keyboard is just nice when you are typing emails or blog posts, like this one. The software keyboards can slow me down a bit and there isn't anything to feel when you are typing. Now for those that like the software keyboards that is availabe too. Nothing like having the choice of how you want to type each time you do.

I think that is the point of open source option of android. a hundred different hardware options with nearly all the same apps no matter what you choose. And there are some killer apps out there. Like Touchdown for MS Exchange access. Nothing I have found beats it on any phone.

So if you are looking for a smart phone in the near future. Take a look at the android line of phones. Available on nearly any service and in all the styles and colors you can think of. Who knows you might even comment on my blog from your android.

Until next time.