Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A better day

Today I started on the right foot. (well maybe I don't know which foot hit the ground first) I started today with a short list of positive things and I have keep running them through my mind when I have time to think. You know, thinking about positive things makes the day go better. Because everything looks more positive when you do. Even the really bad stuff, even the stuff that hurts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I am a male in his mid 20s and I shouldn't be sharing all this touchy feely stuff. That culture driven stereo-type isn't all that great. It teaches all us males that feelings are not something to embrace, to share, or to let effect our lives. Well some of us find out the hard way that falling in to this social, culture stereo-type can kill everything that is good in our lives. Finding this out causes even fewer of us to change our lives to make ourselves better people and better men.

It is amazing what life can teach you if you are willing. I haven't been very willing in years past but when you have an epiphany moment your thoughts, feelings, and even beliefs can change. Someday I will be better, because I know I am working toward that goal.

That is all for now… maybe I will want to type again at the end of my day.

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