Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another nearly sleepless night

Yet again I am awake way to early in the morning. I spend more hours awake between 2 am and 6 am then I get work done between 7 am to 4 pm. Tonight it is heart burn and heart ache. I am continuing to screw-up a friendship that all I want to do is leave alone for a short time to make it better when I am truly ready to be a friend. One of these days I hope they create something that allows us to know what others are thinking. Because sometimes asking doesn't work. A lot of of the bad stuff that happens between friends or couples are misunderstandings that never get resolved because either one or both parties don't communicate or don't know how. Right now, I don't know how. So every time I try it doesn't end in understanding just more confusion and heart ache.

From yesterdays post, I am trying to become better. Trying to become better at communicating and having to communicate to others that you are trying to learn how to better communicate is an impossible feet. An impossible feet that if pulled off will make you rethink learning anything because you just did the impossible. What else is there to learn?

Take it from me, a young male that grew up miles from the closest small midwestern town, not learning social skills while young will destroy almost every relationship, even friendships, until you take a step back from them and truly learn how to communicate. This step back will not come without creating more misunderstandings and more issues. But if your friends are truly good friends they will try to understand. As you must try to understand if they don't' understand.

Yeah, this is not rocket science, but there aren't any easy answers or simple solutions to these life issues. Experience is really the key to dealing with these. Whether you get it on your own or by talking with others who have learned already. You have to learn this not for others but for yourself. And there might be many out there that disagree with this but sometimes taking a short break from a friend or even the person you love is really needed and is just what it says it is a break not an end.

Hope you all slept better than me,


Anyone want to comment on these little ideas?
"When two people can't communicate assumptions are all that can exist."
"If you are not happy as you, you + one = more unhappiness"

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