Friday, May 23, 2008

Finding Friends

I didn't want to clutter up a great post like the last one with stuff about a party so I am writing another post.

Good friends are hard to find. There are thousands of them out there yet it is almost impossible to find them. Sometimes you get lucky and run in to a huge group of them all at once. I think that happened to me yesterday. A friend introduced me to a new group of people. There were a lot of good people in that group. We drank and talked and just had fun. I remember having fun like that with friends before but this was different. This was a group that didn't even know who I was and they treated me as I had been there for years or was that just me who felt that way. No way to know. I just had fun I relaxed and let most of my worries go. I focused on that point in time not the past not the future but right there right then. And that was what made it fun. So I have a headache from last night yet. I had a little beer and I am not used to that anymore it has been a while sense I have drank like that. Well I know I am not going to make that an every week thing. But I am going to do it more often because friends can't be left to drink all the beer alone.


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