Friday, May 23, 2008

Great days ahead

Two day have pasted without me completely falling apart. It is a new record sense, what I will call for lack of a better description, my breakdown. Friends are the reason I haven't fallen apart again. They are also the reason, if I have the will power, I won't fall apart again.

My friends even the newest ones showed me that even when you feel like you are at the bottom there is still so much to be happy about. I meet new friends this weekend. Still no one as young as me but that it ok, because you can't learn as much from someone with so little experience in the world. I rarely have a true chance to speak from experience about life as I am still at the beginning.

Before now I looked at my divorce as an end of the life I started. But it isn't an end it is just another step. I am now taking this step like I did all my other ones, head first. But one thing will change, I won't ever jump again without first really having conversations with those affected and putting deep and meaningful thought in to the decisions. I now see you can't coast down the road of life and just steer, You have to DRIVE.

I hope everyone has a save and happy drive.


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