Monday, May 19, 2008

My first post about a bad day.

So today I had a really bad day.
First, I woke up way way to early. Then, getting ready for work wasn't easy, seemed to always be forgetting something in everything I did. I ended up not having time for breakfast even though I was up early. The drive to work was boring. Then, I was messing around with settings on my Facebook account and sent relationship change requests to people I never meant to. (That bit me in the ass later in the day.) We weren't busy today so I didn't have to spend every second trying to catch up. So I had time to think. I really started to feel sorry for myself and started to get stressed out about my life and where it was going to go from here. Later, after I was able to talk with my father for support my day got better for a little while. Then I made a smart decision for once today but even that didn't go great. Then I went home. And on the way home I nearly fell apart and I had to call someone who would listen and help me cope and I started to feel better. That is where I am now, better not good.

Thank you for all who supported me today. I hope I can return the favor someday when I am finally good.


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