Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thoughts after a good day

For every bad day someone has they need at least one good day to follow it up. If this didn't happen and everyday was bad eventually life wouldn't be worth the trouble and you would just stop trying. That is when people spiral in to complete ruin and become one of those people they never wanted to be. We all know several of these people they may even be your friends or even the ones you love and you may not know who they are. Because many of these people try extremely hard to cover up who they have become.

You see I see myself as one of these people. I didn't get to that point because of bad days after bad days. I got there by not being satisfied with what I was thinking and feeling and doing every day. But there is one other thing different I never realized that I had given up because I can't remember trying. I have come a long way from that point because of the person I fell in love with. Loving that person gave me the strength and the reason to become better. I did become better but I still have a long road ahead of me.

I have a saying that I use often. "Every time you think you know enough, you learn that you don't know enough." This can be applied to everything school, work, even life. Because if you ever find yourself at the point where you are at the end of a learning path, then you haven't went far enough. It is a direct meaning from the truth that you can never catch the horizon. It is an endless chase. I was in that spot, where I didn't know what else there was to learn about life. Then all of a sudden life showed me the new horizon to chase and I realized I just wasn't looking hard enough to see it.

Life will always be a leaning experience if you let it teach you.


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