Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Another MINI update

This is what I posted on my MINI club fourm.

So the repair shop called me today and said I could come pickup the MINI. I stopped by knowing that I would find something wrong with their work, and sure enough they didn't even touch the mushroomed strut tower top. He even tried to show me another MINI they had in there that had looked "exactly the same" as mine. I took one look at this PS Cooper Convertible and noticed that strut tower was flat and I said that is how it is supposed to look "flat". The guy started to argue with me, here a small part of that conversation.

Repair guy: It looks like the other MINI sits up higher on that side too.
(I didn't even dignify this with a response, He was trying to tell me that a all MINI strut towers sit higher on the passenger side. I almost laughed, but held my tongue)

Me: This isn't repaired and is not acceptable.

Repair Guy: We pulled it right down to spec. I even have numbers for you.

Me: It is still damaged and it would void my warranty on my suspension.

Repair Guy: If I get a dealer to sign off on it will you accept it.

Me: If you get a written guaranty from the dealer that my warranty is not voided by the damage, yes. My advisor at the dealer ship is Justin Grey.

Repair Guy: Is he at the Chandler dealership?

Me: There is no Chandler dealership. The only one is North Scottsdale. No one else is certified on MINIs.

Repair Guy: Are you telling me that the place that sold me the parts doesn't have anyone certified on MINI's?

Me: Yes

Repair Guy: Who told you that?


Repair Guy: Well I am going to take it down here to my parts supplier (I guess Chandler BMW) and get a sign off on it.

Me: Fine

I got a call later in the day… They are taking it to MNS to get a signoff that the mushroomed strut tower is ok. I have already called Justin at MSN and let him know the situation. So much for getting his supplier to sign off on it.

Anyone want to guess what MNS is going to say?

I don't think I will take it even if he gets the signoff. I have contacted my insurance and put notes on the claim that they are not wanting to fix a damaged piece and that I don't think having a damaged item on the MINI is very safe.

Here was the Final Estimate:

PARTS 5868.10

PARTS DISCOUNT $ 5443.26 -5.0% -272.16

BODY LABOR 18.7 HRS @$ 42.00/HR 785.40

PAINT LABOR 5.2 HRS @$ 42.00/HR 218.40

MECHANICAL LABOR 9.7 HRS @$ 65.00/HR 630.50

FRAME LABOR 5.5 HRS @$ 42.00/HR 231.00

PAINT SUPPLIES 5.2 HRS @$ 26.00/HR 135.20




SUBTOTAL $ 8044.46

SALES TAX $ 5780.42 @ 7.8000% 450.87


GRAND TOTAL $ 8495.33

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