Monday, June 9, 2008

MINI update and my day

So the MINI will most likely not going to be totaled. The initial parts estimate. 6800-7000. I fully expect that it will go higher as they dig in to the damage more. Now I am hoping that they can fix it up right. I will not take anything less than perfect. It should look and drive better then the day I hit the curb. I mean I am getting an entirely new suspension on the one side and depending on how the other side looks... maybe that one too. So if it doesn't drive better then there is a problem.

So life throws curve balls at you all the time. This one is costly but it shouldn't be to bad. I have good insurance and I shouldn't even have my policy premiums go up any. I think I will get away will very little out of pocket.

Well all I did today is work. As usual it was a shitty day at work. We are in this new office building that sucks, No high speed internet, no phones, no fax. It is like working in a sweet shop without any cloth to make cloths with. There isn't a point. We are stuck in this new office for 4 weeks because our office is under construction.... We will see if I have something better than a cube when I get back... I doubt it.

Good night all. I hope you all had a great day.


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