Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a weekend..

Another great weekend out on the town passes... WOW I am tired, yet can't seem to sleep today. I was out with friends on Friday night, Saturday night, and most of the day on Sunday. I am going to have to spend next weekend at home getting things done here.

Well I haven't blogged in a while. Lots to catch everyone up on. My MINI is still not back in my garage... Don't really know when it is going to be done. I am going to make sure I stop by there tomorrow to check on it. I am also going to go get the paperwork done for my passport tomorrow. Yeah a passport... I am looking for some more travel in my future. My company is really getting a lot of international business and they need all the help over there they can get. I am hoping for a short trip to Germany.

So this whole me not sleeping tonight thing it weird. I have had some very sleepless nights in the last several months for obvious reasons. But tonight is different. I just can't shut my brain off. I have been stuck in a thinking mode since about 6PM; it is 3:45AM now!!! There is just a lot to ponder today. Most of which is not for this or any other blog. Well most of what I am pondering is good stuff. Stuff about how I am going to proceed with my life, where I am going to take my daily routine, and how I am going to grow my group of friends. That last one is the one I am having the most difficult time with.

Here is why... I am not a single person, never really was single in my adult life nor most of my late teen life. I have never lived alone until now. I have to figure all of this being single and living alone stuff out. Right now I feel like I am floating down the river without a paddle. I have no frame of reference when it comes to living life in this way. So, I know I am going to be making a lot of mistakes. Making mistakes with life is how you learn. But at the same time knowing I am going to make mistakes also keeps me from doing things I really want to because I don't want a mistake to cause problems that makes life even harder to deal with for others as well as myself. Well I have never been the kind of person that could say just screw the consequences and just do what I want. I can't do that, I have too much respect for everyone around me to create that kind of turmoil. I am working to get over this mental block and take some risks with my life... by doing that I might just learn how to live...

Well I am going to get back to surfing the web and watching videos... I still have a season of Transformers the original to watch... and now I have the new Transformers Animated and several other shows to catch up on.

You all have a good night sleeping.


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