Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hola everyone.

It has been a while sense my last blog. I have been keeping my life a little more private lately. Not that I don't want anyone to know what I am up to... Just life is complicated sometimes and keeping some of that stuff to yourself helps us deal with them.

Life is not about what we believe it is. It is about being who we are for real. I believe most of us forget who we are inside in order to portray the person on the outside. I have been doing this allot lately, trying to forget my internal self to do things in this world that I would normally not do. Now, I know what you all are thinking, "What is he doing?" Don't worry I am talking about good things. I am taking more confident steps to making my life better. Something my internal self would never allow me to do. Taking the steps to make sure I survive and live how I wish to live. Leaving my nice guy nature in the background and really taking an aggressive roll in my own future. You all know me... some better than others... I am not aggressive at all. Yet I am becoming that way. I don't think it is bad. I just need to make sure I don't let the success (if it is successful) go to my head and ruin it all with cockiness. That wouldn't be a good outcome.

Life will go on weather I am completely who I want to be or not. I have had to decide to let some things the same in order to survive and I am finding things in myself that I am willing to ignore in order to have a better life. These things are not all bad things, just things I wish I didn't have. I spent several years ignoring things from my past. Some good some bad things. I am looking back at those now. Doing something about them. I have made great leaps with some things that I never expected I ever would. I am moving my life forward faster than I thought I would. I suspect that it is because I was actively working on myself that this has happened. I was making sure I was doing well and making sure I was well.

Not everything in life is good. I have standard problems just like everyone else. Problems with acne... sunburns... friends and drama. And standard life issues with money, apartment, and work. Not everything can be going right at the same time because life would be boring.

Well until next time... keep life interesting.