Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey everyone!!!

Who are your friends? That is a question I asked myself this week. Now I know what you all are thinking... "Who did what to cause him to make him think they were not his friend". That isn't it at all. I asked that question because I have so many people I call friends that it made me think how broad the definition of friend is.

I seem to bundle all my friends in to one category: "Friend". But I have all types, Acquaintance friends, MINI club friends, "real" friends, "fake" friends, great friends, FaceBook friends, MySpace friends, online friends, old friends, new friends, girl friends, girlfriends, guy friends, best friends, close friends, long distance friends, and family friends. And I am sure there are a thousand other types of friends out there. At want point can you call someone a friend? When you met the first time, the second time. I have friends I have never met.

I thought long and hard about this and I have decided to cut a few people from my friends list. Now everyone, don't get all up in arms just yet. I am making a choice to classify a friend as someone that means something to me. Now that list is still going to be very long... and it isn't like I have a real list of my friends and I am going to go through it and mark them off with a big red marker... LOL. I am just changing what it means to become my friend. What it means to have me call you friend. This last week, a great, best, online, and FaceBook friend of mine didn't respond to a message I had sent. So, I sent another, still no response. I was worried about my friend... a real worry... I was afraid that my friend was gone. I wanted to be sure they were ok. So, very long story short everything is ok... I was just getting prematurely paranoid... LOL.

So what does this mean to all of you reading this...well there are some harsh truths to this... first, I hope that I let you who need to know what you truly mean to me. Second, there are some of you out there that don't have a close place within me. Some of you don't mean much to me. It sounds horrible saying such things. But it is the truth. We all try to pretend the truth isn't something we know and recognize... we all know that it is there. We all know that there are those people that we call "friends" that if they disappear one day, it would mean nothing to us. I think that is very sad truth. I guess we need to make sure those who really mean something to us realize it. Because you may never know how others view your friendship. You could be sitting on a goldmine of great and best type of friends and never know it.

This isn't the most upbeat blog I have written and I know some times you can't always be truthful with people about what they mean to you. Sometime telling someone that they mean something to you causes problems, and telling someone they mean nothing is just cruel. I don't see myself putting this in to direct practice everyday it is just my thoughts and ideas on the subject that have spawned this week with the feeling of loss over my friend. So please don't take anything personally.

To everyone... friends or not... have a good week.


A special note to that lost friend: I know you will read this, I know you know what you mean to me but you should be told again. I still miss you, I hope you a quick return, and that all is well in with you.

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