Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tomorrow will bring???

As today came to a close I heard something that made me want to blog. Today was a good day for me, did some work in the morning and then got some nap time in during the afternoon, and then some hang out time with great friends in the evening. So, just before heading to bed one phrase was said that made me think so much that I didn't go to sleep. A friend stated, "We will see what tomorrow brings". It almost stopped me in my tracks. I was astounded to hear a comment that has so much potential sound so extremely negative. I don't know if it was the negative nature of comment or just the idea of not knowing the future that made me want to blog.
I started thinking about my day and what 'tomorrow will bring'. I had a very great weekend and a great week overall. New people have entered my life that I am happy about and life itself has started meaning more to me than before. You all know the feeling when new people entire your life that makes you feel happy. At first it feels as if you have never been happier ever before. Time usually wears that feeling off a bit and you are left with the real feelings that this person brings to you. Sometimes those real feelings are strong enough to keep people together, and sometimes they aren't. I think feelings can be so confusing at first that no one should truly make seditions until they understand the true nature of their feelings. Now I know some times this point is never really reached and you must decide with out understanding and just shoot from the heart. I know that in my past my decisions were made long before the point of knowing what feeling were real. In my definition of 'rushing it' that is the key idea of what causes the rush. The strong feels that make us decide to do things to quickly and that is what causes ugliness in relationships.
So, what will tomorrow bring? Hopefully tomorrow will bring more questions and more understanding to your life. As this is the real nature of life. To look ahead and decide what life is bringing only makes the individual person doubt his/her decisions if they do not push them in the past that they see. Now, don't take that as if I am saying don't have goals and make decisions that help your reach those goals. I am saying don't limit yourself to those goals and those goals alone. Life isn't a set in stone thing. It hasn't been planed for you; it isn't a rat maze with only one way through. It is a maze with millions of turns and miss turns and endless paths to the finish line.
That is the other thing that comes from looking ahead a little too much. The thought of the finish line. The point in time in which life itself ends. In today's world, I think we have to think about this time way to much. Live insurance and death benefits for those we love. The act of writing a will is something that isn't easy for a lot of people. I have done it and I need to make changes to it but don't like the idea of it at all. I like the feeling it gives me when it is done and I know that things will be taken care of the way I want them too be. No hard decitions would have to be made by those that know me best. This world is unpredictable and as people in it we have to be ready for anything. I hate the idea that so much my life is really out of my hands.

Well sleep has been calling me as I have dosed off several times writing this. Sometimes looking forward in life is the best thing you can do. Just be carful not to change your life based on those outlooks. Try and sit back take what life brings you. Don't rush what you don't fully understand and don't get made when life brings you oranges when you want apples. You never know who needs oranges.....


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