Sunday, November 9, 2008

Question Answered...

I believe I have finally answered the question. The answer is YES. I started really thinking about what it would mean to have a girlfriend today. I kind of put the question on the back burner for a few weeks to focus on other ideas and happenings. Nevertheless, today it was brought back to the front of my mind by the events in the last few days. I have had some changes in my thoughts about this.

Every question I was trying to answer to help me figure out the overall question, either are unanswerable life questions that will always exist. Or can't be answered without first getting involved in a relationship with someone first. A simple 'catch 22' or a 'chicken and the egg' situation. That makes all of them mean nothing to the question at hand. Now, Does me saying yes mean that I am now out on the prowl looking for someone to be my girlfriend??? NO!!! There are several reasons for this. First, I have always believed in the idea that those people that end up meaning the most in your life cannot be found. You cannot just go searching for someone and make them mean something to you. It almost has to be a random meeting or something out of the blue. The ultimate idea is you cannot control it. Second, the first person that I will call girlfriend is already in my life... This person was in my life before I wrote the last blog and I almost knew at that point they would be special. I wrote the blog only to work through my thoughts and I almost didn't post it. But, I figured it couldn't hurt letting the world know what i was thinking and to get feedback from my closest friends on these ideas. Now this all brings up one more question... Would my thoughts on this have changed if I never met this person or they never became part of my life?????

This whole thing is another glowing example of how you cannot control when, how, or who you meet on your life. Nor can you control what those people you meet become in your life. Each person that enters your life, even if it is brief, has an effect. These people change you in ways you cannot imagine and can never figure out completely and they are all there for a reason.

Doesn't life seems great when you think you are in control... but you are never completely in control of what happens.That feeling of not being in control is one I have learned to love. When you fist think of it that way it is confusing and scary but it does not take long to realize that your life does not have to be controlled to be great. You just need to learn to ride the waves of life as they come. There will be low points and there will be high points. The low ones in life often cause us as humans to lose the faith that good things do still exist and even with a low point, you can still survive and get back to the top of the next wave. It isn't easy, but what in life is?

May you all of you be at the top of your waves.
Good Night.