Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello World!

Hello everyone! Wellcome to my new Blog! I have been working on taking my blogging to another level for a few days. I think moving outside MySpace and FaceBook was a good next move. This should allow me to get in to more into my blogging about different subjects. As many who know me you should be warned, I gain my inspiration for this blog through my interactions with others. So don't be surprised to fine something in here with your fingerprints on it! 

It is days like today that I like to blog. I "took today off" so to say. Between work and friends I haven't had much time for myself lately. Without this time I get, for lack of a better description, stressed! I know last week it was almost to much to deal with and I didn't have that much going on. I think I am getting truly lazy!! Even when there is only a few things to deal with I start to loose it. I am sure that it is just because the last few months really haven't been busy at all. This sudden upsurge in stuff to do is just a little shocking. I think it will be easy enough to get back in the swing of the busy season. Back to me bloging... days like today make good blogging days. I can take the time to really think out what I want to write. Today was a little harder as I couldn't think of a topic. So for lack of a better idea I decided to move to the new blog space today. I think it will be a good move!!

Well I just wanted to welcome you all to the new blog space. I will be posting in the near future. I know there are people out there just dieing to hear about my next rant... LOL!! 



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