Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Simple Lemonade

For some reason I feel compelled to blog today. I mean it has barely been over 24 hours since my last blog. Me no understand?! Oh well I am here and blog I shall. So... what to blog about? My day? Not a thing worth talking about... What I did after work? Nothing... How about what I had for dinner? Chicken... The weather? windy and chilly... Damn, I out of ideas already. Wait... I know... Lemonade!!

Why talk about lemonade? Because it is just so damned good. I know most people would hate the lemonade I make and even fewer would understand why I make it like I do. My lemonade is generally very sour. There are a million different people out there that make lemonade a million different ways. Some even believe the instant powder stuff is actually lemonade. I know this isn't the case. I don't buy lemons often as I rarely have a need for them but 2 days ago the farmers market had them on sale so I grabbed a few. Didn't know what I would use them for but I knew I would. Today I made lemonade.

This is my way of making lemonade and don't knock it until you try it!! I start out cutting them in to quarters. I then take all the seeds I can see out and pull off the peelings and discard them. I then throw the quarters in to a blender. I run it on liquefy until I am tired of watching it. Hey, this isn't an exact science. Actually making any type of food with me rarely is. I then pour most of it through a strainer to remove the pulp as to much is a bad thing. The rest goes right in to my pitcher. Now this next part is just me being anal about not wasting any of the precious sour juices that could be consumed. I add the water to my pitcher by pouring it through the pulp in the strainer. STOP, glass empty... refill, CONTINUE... The rest of my process is to taste. Sugar and water is added until it fits how I want it to taste right now. Some times it is sweet, sometimes sour, and like today sometimes very sour. It all depends on my mood. Just so you have an idea of how sour... I had 6 medium lemons and I only made 1 quart of lemonade and I didn't even use a half of cup of sugar! It is almost to the point of just being liquefied lemons. You don't drink this lemonade... this is the stuff you sip on in small amounts to enjoy the sour. Lemonade is a simple drink. Sugar, water, and lemon. As you can see, it isn't that simple to me. No one taught me this method, it was learned on my own though trials and errors and based on my tastes. I don't know anyone else that would even think of drinking it. One more uniqueness I have.

That is all I can write about lemons. But, writing this did spark some interesting thoughts about lots of random things. Here is one worth blogging... Even with the most simple things there are more differences between us then anyone can count. I guess the whole world is as simple as lemonade!!


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