Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This morning a friend IM'd me that I hadn't talked with in a long time. The chat was short as they didn't have a lot of time and I was at work dealing with one the endless calls that we got today. It hadn't been the best day so far, I wasn't feeling well and we were fairly busy in the office. I actually started smiling after our conversation and continued for the rest of the day. The person I was talking with has had a big impact on my life even though they aren't around to talk with as much. People like that create smiles in this world even on the darkest of days. I forget sometime just how many friends have had that kind of effect on me. I hope that someday I can repay all that these friends have given me.

The world right now is in a dark time. Doomsday vibes are everywhere you look and in almost every conversation. We all know someone that has lost a job, received pay cuts, or is losing their home. With times so bad, having a good reason to smile is one of the greatest gifts. As someone that has been through some very tough times, I make it a top priority of mine to remain positive. It is surprising that anyone can remain that way when facing the seemingly endless road of financial problems, personal strains, and work stress existing today. But, once you teach yourself to focus on the options you have that can make things better and not the causes of your problems, keeping yourself from being continually down is easy. It took me nearly 6 months to pull myself out of the endless loop of a downward spiral like this. When you finally start looking up from these depths, you realize how much there is to look forward to. We will all make it though these hard times. Just have a little faith in yourself and never count your friends out. They will be there when you need them.

In the end it really is our friends and family that pull us through. It is the truly great friends that are always there for you. The ones that let us cry on their shoulders, the ones that just sit and listen, the ones that never shut up, and the ones that always make you smile. Keep them all close to you in these times of peril, they may need you more then they know. Just as I discovered today. My smile gave me a boost that carried me through the day. It allowed me to think more clearly and complete my work faster. I was even made it possible for me take the time to write this blog right when I got home.

I believe it is a great compliment to have someones smile attributed to myself and I know my friend will feel the same. Dark times call for us to stand up and spread all the smiles we can to those that need it. Even if they don't know they do. So give someone a smile, it could change their day and yours.


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