Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts of night life...

What is the draw to these long nights out on the town? I have been there, was there for a while tonight. I understand hanging out with friends, drinking, and having fun. But, I can have the same fun somewhere less crowded, more quiet, and less expensive. I believe I spent 20 bucks on 2 drinks tonight. That to me is outrageous. Most of these places don't really draw people like myself, specially where I was tonight. (No offense to those I was with) I am too laid back to go places like that. The people there make me kinda nervous. I can't tell you exactly why but they do.

Even though I was on the dance floor for a short spell this evening too, what is with all the people that just don't dance good at all? They are the first ones out there and the last ones off. I am one of them and it takes someone pressuring me fairly hard to get me to dance. It isn't that I don't have rhythm I don't have any moves. Not even the funny ones. My mind doesn't work that fast or have the multitasking ability to keep up with the music, a partner, and my own creativity (not much of the creativity in me to start with). I do understand the draw of dancing. It is an action where you can express yourself in a physical way, draw attention to yourself, and wear yourself out all at the same time. On top of all of all of this... it is the closest thing to having public sex as you can get. At least as I see it.

I also understand because of the dancing there has to be loud music. I love loud music and don't mind it but when I am out with friends I like to talk with them, have an intelligent conversation and be able to hear them. For some groups I can understand this not being a big deal. Not speaking of the group tonight, but there are a lot of people not worth having conversations with. They can't hold a thoughts in there heads long enough to even conceive an original thought of their own. I crave these intelligent talks as they help me figure myself out and give me ideas. Being a thinker more than an action person I have to have this connections to keep me filled with new perspectives.

Please excuse any typos. I wasn't completely sober when writing this.


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