Thursday, April 23, 2009

Watching the Grass Grow

Today I felt like the I was watching grass grow. Not that I didn't have stuff going on and work to preform. But it all felt like it was taking forever. Later in the day I did make it out with a friend for some drinks and good conversations which made the day a good day overall. When you are sitting in such an environment all day you have lots of time to think, read, and follow up on ideas. I couldn't tell you all the stuff I read or searched or listened to today. It isn't that I don't remember it is that I don't care to go in to that much detail about my grass growing day.

There are a few things worth sharing. My next new MINI will be a 'Speedster'!! I have been looking forward to that MINI since I heard and saw the first concept rumor and sketch 3 years ago. If BMW really gave them the green light on production I will be a happy owner in about 2 years. It will be something very different then I have now and just as much fun to drive.

I also decided to try a different Twitter software... TweetDeck. I like it so far but I haven't fully learned all the possible options with it yet. Give me a few days and I will see about writing about it a little more. Well in the mean time if you need a wonderful software for managing all our chat and email and social networks. Digsby is the best I have used. You do loose some features compared to the direct clients but it uses almost no system resources and is easy to setup. Again, I think I will write a little more about that in a later blog.

This was such a endlessly boring blog! Good night.


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