Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tool Named Twitter!

Twitter is a great tool and I didn't have to be a tweeter for long to find that out. I started my personal Twitter account (@Gottoon), as I assume many do, by adding the friends I knew to be using it. I then expanded that list using a contact list I have of everyone I know. This list has grown over the years because of social network sites. After I used Twitter for several weeks I started finding new uses for it. I found breaking news, tech articles, software version releases, direct company press releases, and an endless source of trending topics being tweeted about. My Twitter account is now my best source of information about the world as people observe it. It is a word of mouth reference tool like nothing I have seen before. With this tool I am no longer a slave to the big media sources and news feeds. All of which are controlled to a point by the people who run them. I follow topics on many subjects everyday by listening to podcasts, reading forums, blogs, press releases, and news articles. I have used a dozen different sites and tools to follow different topics through the years and have never been impressed by any one tool as I am with Twitter. In the last week started a second Twitter account. This one for my side business, Newest Version Computer Services (@NewestVersion). It is my tech feed to the world about reviews and blogs I have read or written and wish to share. Clients can view it and keep up with the software packages I recommend or if there is a version update they may need.

Twitter is now not only a tool for me to be notified and be informed... it is a tool I use to notify and inform others. This is my tiny contribution to the Twittersphere. Follow Me....

Andrew Birchler
Newest Version Computer Services

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