Sunday, May 10, 2009

Andrew Day - May 13, 2009

I am announcing the first ever Andrew Day. A day of fun, food, and adventure!!! I am scheduling it for this Wednesday, May 13th, 2009. Participation in Andrew day is purely optional. From the average person's point of view this will look like any normal Wednesday. I will be spending my morning basking in the glow of my computer monitors working on system issues and coming up with crazy ideas about those issues and plans to fix them that are even more far out and crazy. I will undoubtedly cause anguish, disbelief, and mayhem just like any normal day.

The differences... My day is starting it at 4am. I will be getting up, taking a shower, making coffee, and then heading to work by 5am. I will go to work and be play my part in all the fore-mentioned scenarios. It is when I leave work that Andrew Day will have meaning. I am leaving work early for an appointment 5+ years in the making. After this meeting of the minds and talents of several individuals things will never be the same again. This change in the norm is scary and exciting and has the potential to be good, bad, or both. We will all have to wait and see!!

I don't know exactly how the day will end. There are several possible outcomes. I will be recapping the day shortly after and it will be documented with photos and I am sure many many endless comments...

There isn't a plan for third party involvement in Andrew Day but you can send your RSPVs to Andrew at gottoon at or post in the comments. Everyone has a place in the Andrew Day celebration... See you there!


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