Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Andrew Day Recap

Andrew Day, Wednesday, May 13, 2009.... It didn't really start out like a normal day like I thought. I woke up about 2:30 in the morning.... of course I went to bed at 7 the night before. In order to miss all the blog stuff and random info I might find out throughout the day... I decided to catch up and watch the season finale of Fringe before work. It was great... and a partly unexpected ending. You will have to watch as I don't give shit away. After that I decided to head to work around 5ish as I had some major research work to complete over in Ireland. It is beautiful this time of year... LOL. The rest of the work day went as normal, bitching, griping, and moaning about stuff not working and me having to fix it. When it came time to leave I packed up and headed out to my destination... Rebel Art in Tempe. You heard it right I was out to get a tattoo. As you have no doubt already looked though all the pictures before reading this I am sure you knew that already! It only took 2 hours for Tony to do this amazing work of art on my arm. It isn't complete yet. I had some shading and other details left off so that I could take time and decide on the exactly how the next part will go. Because with this art you can add but never take it away!! So I was cautious and left out things I wasn't sure of yet. I am starting to compile ideas already. Nothing major just little things like eye color and such. So here is a few pictures of the total process.


Just so you all know the back story... this isn't a spur of the moment idea that just popped in my head last week. I have been wanting a tat like this for some years. I never had the nerve to have it done before nor did I know or have the inspiration and knowledge from the friends I have today. You know who you are! Well this has been an exciting Andrew Day!!!


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