Friday, October 30, 2009

Back in the saddle

WOW!!! What a interesting few months. For me this time away has been filled with tense moments, big changes, and some good things. First, let me say I am truly sorry for not writing for all this time. I shouldn't have needed to stop but there were things happening in my life that required me to keep things on the down low for a while. You know the drama stuff you have to deal with. Friends dating friends, people breaking up, near job losses, pay cuts, and so so much more (disclaimer "to keep more drama from happening": This list does not state specific things that have or have not happened. Don't you hate disclaimers? Talk about the standard political idea there... do not deny or confirm anything ever!) We have all dealt with the 'politics' of life so that is all am going to say about that.

Now for the good stuff? In the last few months I have been fired and hired twice by the same company, first it was a restructure for money reasons, and the second time it was for a merger. With this merger everything has seemed like a the longest list of BS ever. First, not knowing if I even have a job anymore because there was zero communication with the employees; that was several weeks of just endless doomsday rumors. Second, it was waiting another week to find out if I was a Temp or Full Time. Then it was nearly another week before I was officially offered a job that included salary and who my manger is. Now, I know almost everything except what my job description is and where the new office building will located. So why is this in the good category? Well, I have a job being paid the same and I am assuming doing nearly the same thing as I was doing before. I have spent the last two years supporting customers and trying to make the software and hardware better and more reliable. Over all, even though I am still basically doing the same exact thing, it feels like I am starting over at the beginning. I am questioning if I really want to prove myself or deal with those headaches again all over again. For now I am in waiting mode until someone gives me direction.

More good stuff happened, but nothing more seems to be flowing from me right now. But is it good to be back in front of my computer doing something that surprisingly makes me feel happy.