Wednesday, June 30, 2010

so what about today

today was a good day. Very little email work because it is my day off... my job requires a lot of personal sacrifice. in the end i get paid for what i do and i love what i do to boot.

I got to wish a Canadian a Happy Canada day... a little early but it was worth the effort.

Again I am posting a little intoxicated. more so than i was the last time. but the time i spent out on the town was worth it.

So I am going to visit a subject i touched on before. Why will women not take up their own arms and go after what they are truly looking at and obviously want? Are women just as blind or do they expect such direct confrontation... why can't they be the ones that stand out in a crowd and have the go get'em attitude?

i guess this is more about being alone and not liking it than being against the other sex. I haven't quite learned how to be alone in my world yet. I am trying and when i succeed i will be ready for the next phase of Andrew. The confident man with a heart...


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