Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow and Me

So this afternoon while working on some documents. Something hit me... When will I find meaning for my life? I know I am not old, but I feel like I am some days. Like I have already lived through the best parts of my life and tomorrow will only be the day after today. It will not bring anything new. It will be just another day of mundane tasks and endless problem solving. Has life already passed me by... Have I been content with my solitary life that I am not willing to try anymore? I feel like the only good I have left is the little things. Like cooking a great dinner for myself... or a nice mountain drive.

In my head I know that I am just felling.. 'down' and it will pass as things move around and change. But it doesn't change the fact that I still feel this is all there is. I am too young to really be thinking these things. I am still a long way from reaching the end of my potential. It the the thought of the extra efforts that make me feel the way I do. The time and energy needed to expand where I am to the next level and beyond. It just looks exhausting...


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