Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Simple Life

So I live back home where life as I remember it was simple and easy-going. It isn't like I remember. Life is hard out in the middle of nowhere. There isn't much to do or places to go but there is more than enough work to keep you busy all day and night. The simple life as I saw it growing up and early adulthood isn't as easy-going as it looked. Every time I look at my days they seem to be packed with things to do, places to go to get supplies to work on something, or just working hard just to stay warm. Some of the work is just because it is winter. But most of it is because that is how life is here. It isn't complex as the social world I have lived in the last years, but it isn't easier by any margins either.

I have had my fair share of issues because of growing up out here. But living here had taught me more about growing up and how to survive than anything the social or city world could ever offer. There were times not very long ago I blamed my problems trying to interact with people on what most people would call a backwater style of living here. I have since seen all of this from a glass half full perspective. For the little I lost because of this place I have gained knowledge and experiences that so few will ever know. It has shaped me in to the man I am today. My work ethic, my nearly uncompromising since of right and wrong, and my internal struggle with defining myself. It is this struggle that has pushed me to become more than I am, to grow as a human person, and to strive to find a place where I belong. Right now I am not the person I want to be. It is a road and a journey that I hope I will never give up on.

Some people live their entire lives content with where and who they are. They believe they are everything they need to be, or at least pretend to. I pity these people... they are too scared take the steps to change. They are locked in place by everything around them. I am not the best at this myself. I allow so much to pass me by because I don't have the balls to grab what is in front of me. It isn't an easy thing to step out from the shell you build around yourself. But with time and willpower it can be done! I hope that I reach the goals I have in mind and find new higher ones to keep reaching for.

Yeah life isn't the same all the way out here... but I wouldn't trade it for a day-to-day city routine. Maybe I found where I should be!


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