Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It always gets me in trouble. I have had too much time on my hands and I have ended up doing to much thinking and not enough blogging. The worst problem is I can't blog about what I have been thinking. I have tried but there seems to be something holding me back.

So in the constant boring time I have I am putting more effort to research schooling choices and possible non skilled jobs to help with the cost of schooling. A good evening/third shift job would be good for now. Then branch out when I get a better grasp on some new skills I will be in school for. I will be gaining confidance in some areas where my experience hasn't given me the best knowledge of details.

I wish there was something I should do at this point, but it seems that time has been my worst enemy. I have never been good at waiting for things to happen. I am a tech geek... almost everything I do has an instant effect. People around where I live now don't seem to understand that idea. I can't blame them for not knowing about things they have only seen in movies. It is amazing to see for some of us... but there are areas of the US that have no High Speed internet access available to them. I live in one of those areas!