Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chocolate - reviewed

I just finished watching this movie from Thailand called Chocolate. It isn't the Chocolate with Depp in it, ok. It is a martial arts movie. Like most of the movies I like to watch to kill time... it wasn't a great movie. The action scenes were really good overall. Better then most martial arts movies... Back story.
I really like the really B and C rate movies. I don't' know... the just catch me as you are always watching the underdog trying to make something great. And a lot of them have awesome ideas and stories that go with them. Most don't get to realize the full potential of the story. It may have something to do with being able to imagine the greatness that wasn't able to be made. If they put all the frill in to it then you would have a true crap move with no story at all, AKA, the move commonly known as Transformers 2.
Back... the scenes were good. They didn't look fake just a little stiff and very b rate... at least I thought so. I watched the entire movie and there is a scene where someone falls several stories from a building, hitting a few things on the way down. Very cool little fight scene over all. Slow but had some great simple and fun stunts.

The movie comes to a close... or so I thought. The credits show some of the bloopers from the making of the movie. It is worth watching the movie to see the end of it. It reminded me of the early Jackie Chan movies where they show the stunts going wrong... this was worse. SO, The guy that fell from the building... REALLY did fall from the building!!! The rest I will leave un-spoiled.
You can find it on Netflix insta-queue

So here is my first movie review...

Chocolate (2008)
9 on my B martial arts film category


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