Wednesday, October 10, 2012

unedited gibberish

hello, I am actually speaking to you. I'm using a voice to text solution so that I can speak rather than typing to you about the things that I really want to talk about.

I will be editing this a little but please excuse any typos, miss types, or grammar incorrectness that you read.

I do this because. First, I am lazy. second, I am lazier than you. Third, I really at-home lazier then you.

So, this is what I've been thinking. The world isn't quite what it is I expected to be. The world I grew up in in my non-urban setting was not quite what I expected the non-urban world to be when I grew up.I expected to be the same as what it was when I grew up I didn't expect things to change. However things always change.

today the world is very different. Urban and rural lifestyles are exactly the same. To a point... We tend to believe that the digital world has penetrated every extent of human life but it really has not. We that grew up in the rural environment know exactly what I mean. Internet is not available to every person in the United States. You may believe it is what it really is not. We have lived a life of privilege by living with in the regions of the United States that do have what many regions do not. We have lived lives of high-speed and even ultra high-speed access to data that the rest of the world can only dream about or read about. We know information in an instant way, that is all we know. I grew up on a 56 kb per second connection that was really only reached 19.86 KB per second. I know what it is and my life to be slow in gathering data. in today's perspective, that is about .1 G of the new 4G scenarios we hear about.

Aside... 4G from each of the companies is not equal. Every company must be judged based on its own reputation. You can not judge company to company in the wireless world. Every company is a fruit of a different origin. An Apple is not an orange is not a tangerine is not a grape is not a Kiwi is not a mango is not a banana is not up each is not a raspberry…… Etc. etc. etc. you get the idea.aside over…

In today's 4G world we think of everything as fast but not everything in the world fast. Things in a very large portion of the global are very very slow. those who were privileged, and I don't consider myself among you because I didn't get Internet access or a home computer until I was over 15 years (circa 1997) old, were way behind the times of the world beyond our home town in the Midwest... Or so I believed. It turns out the world really is more behind than I thought. the choice of me becoming a technician in the information technology world was not necessarily a bad one. I know more about information technology then the information technology professionals I work for most of the time. And it is because I understand the information technology that I am able to do such a thing better than the average technician in this world. I know I know I know, I have a big head. But it is what happens when you are somewhat decent at the job you do. I don't consider myself the best, I know people who are better than I am. They are just very few and far in between. I would give my life to work for one of them. I did, at one time worked for one of them. I did not at the time realize what it meant. I do now and wish I would have paid more attention back when I was young. I already feel foolish in my mid-young age. I do not need to become old to realize my young foolishness.

Another topic now… The world of beer. I have realized that it isn't as complex as I originally imaged it. When I first got into drinking odd beers, as most people would call it. Or what I would call craft or good beers or being a beer snob. back in those days the world of creating a war brewing beer seems so much of a far-reaching exotic idea. Today I realize that there are thousands of breweries in this United States of ours. That means there are 1000 different ways of brewing beer X the number of breweries X that the number of brewers in the breweries. that means there are millions of different beers world. And I have only experienced a minor fraction of what is really out there. I am still one of the odd people that have experienced. In its most ultimate glory. I don't know how many different types of beers I drank my life to this point, but I am probably on the up words or at least 500 different types styles and creators of beer. I have had at least a dozen or more homebrewed beers, that you will never see or never even hear of. I have drunken bottles of beer that boggle the mind. Beer that is so alcoholic and content that it is banned from some states. Any beer that is banned from a state is on my top priority list. I do make a huge deal of trying different types of beer, and even never drinking the same beer twice in the evening, but in reality, I really do have a few favorites. Most of which you probably have never heard of. Left-handed milk Stout, four peaks brewing company oatmeal Stout, Stone brewing Company arrogant bastard, ale Smith Speedway Stout, great divide yeti Imperial Oak aged Stout, great divide Imperial chocolate Stout, Sierra Nevada imperial helles bock, four peaks kiltlifter IPA (wouldn't you like to see me lift my kilt ;)),

another tangent... Online dating! I've done it, or at least tried it. It is a little-known fact, but not hidden, that I met my first wife online. Not on dating site like we see today. On a good old fashion chat room. In a random connection of minds. I really do wish I would've understood then what I know about the human mind. The human mind is something different than everything else that exists in this world no two of us think or believe the same. We may show that we believe in what others teach us. We may believe that we do believe. But in reality to live as we believe we should takes more then curry time effort or even money. Real life takes everything listed above and add it in and full.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Around me?

It has taken many many years. But, I am finally to the point where I am ready to be not alone anymore. I have actually went on a few dates over the last several months. It is like a whole new world out there. I didn't realize how many little particular minutia level things people are judging you on until you start dealing with it. You don't shave and it could cost you a potential friend... I am glad I don't have that problem... I live in a way that, and I know this could come across badly, I don't care. People get to live the way they wish and I live how I wish. I am not going to shun someone because they don't do everything exactly how I want them to. In my opinion I think we should all leave that to politics and religion, they are more practiced at it. And with that comment...

I will always be me no matter who is around me. I only hope that whoever is around me will push me to be better than I am.