Sunday, May 5, 2013

19 weeks in to 30

As many of you may know already know, I am in my 30th year of life. This is the19th week of that 30th year. Some interesting things happened in the 18th week... a lot of job shifting and other things. The scheduling of which will be crazy over the next 3 weeks and will keep me in my "intellectual only" running shoes. This guy does not really own and hopefully will never be conned into owning running shoes. As I was typing this I actually got that schedule in my email. The irony of timing.

There has also been some other good things in life. A realization of comfort in how I feel and how others feel about me. Knowing this makes some other things about how we exist better. Being able to discuss things that most people shy away from just because they are uncomfortable with the subject or afraid of discussing that subject with the specific person you are with. Now, I rarely have issues discussing anything about anyone in front of anyone, but not everyone knows that about me. And if they don't know that about me they might think I might react irrationally and be upset. That is something I enjoy about myself these days. It is hard to upset me or offend me. 

There are some more things happening that can't really be discussed in a public forum... at least not yet. Just put it this way, there are people I have to be have interaction with I haven't been required to have interaction with before. This might lead to loss of respect for that person or group of people depending on what 'mentality' or 'way they think' turns out to be. (not my words) Just so you know... I believe the worst thing that I can bestow on any one person in this world... is the loss of my respect for them as a human being or what they stand for. I don't stand with people that don't have respect for others and if the mentality is what I expect it to be... well lets just say my blog might start having copies of their words more often and names to go with them. Just saying I don't conform just because you say I have to! 

Back to the 30 years thing. I never thought I would be where I am at today. But the world job market isn't what it was 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. I was in a much better place in life and career just 3 years ago  but things change and we are forced to adapt. Luckily adapting is something I am really good at. This year is the year of bettering myself job wise. I have a goal in mind that will take me about 16-20 months to make a reality. I think it will be really easy to do despite the uphill battle I face in doing it. My goal is not obtainable even right this moment besides in a few peoples eyes that are blinded by their own truly personal issues with me. Part of this plan is to force by pure effort and quality work passed their objections. You know the slave that became more powerful then the king by literally winning the hearts of the people. I am going to make myself invaluable to everyone I talk with. Making me more important than anyone else before or after making sure no one forgets the contributions I have made and to make sure I get what I deserve for the effort. 

By the time I am 31 I will be more than I am today... more in many ways. I can't predict the future and I can't state the exact outcome. But, that is the reality we all have to overcome.