Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sleeplessness like me

So I have been in bed for over an hour without the slightest hint of sleepiness coming over me. I really need to stop with the educational pursuits right before bed... gets the mind turning to many ways for it to settle down for sleep. Two nights in a row isn't too bad.. any more and I will have trouble working. But I will cross that bridge when it happens.

Well there are changes and things in life have also helped add some pressures that might be adding to the sleep issues. I moved almost 2 months ago now... can't believe it was that short time ago. Time isn't going by as fast as it should with the amount of busyness I have been up too. These last 7 weeks feels like it has been 6 months or more. It feels like it has been over a year since the last time I was working as a level 1 on site tech but that changed only back in March to the new site. Then changed again to a multisite floating role a few weeks later. Then to a second level Systems Analyst a few weeks after that and that was only 3 weeks ago yesterday, Monday. Yeah... there has been some things going on 'round here.

I want to write on here more... but every time I have an idea or drive to do so I am never in a place to take advantage of it. I never have been able to take the time I used to and work on just getting my thoughts in to works like I used to. I think I am loosing my ability to do it. :( that makes me sad. It took a lot of time to build that skill and my ability to type it with some efficacy. Me + Keyboard + Spelling = ummm... most likely in bottom 1/10 of 1% in the world. But that is still better than where I was! Not to mention I hated writing anything or even the idea of writing anything. Now emails, notes, descriptions, instructions, and everything else I have to do in my work and life are a piece of cake! For all you students out there. Doing will make you better at what you do... no matter how mundane and random that is.

Well I have also taken up the banner of a few games. MMO style games that I almost swore... well maybe did swear that I wouldn't ever get in to. Now I am playing both Star Trek Online and Neverwinter with some surprising regularity. Right now I am on a Neverwinter spree and spend a few hours every week unwinding and forgetting about the world for a while. Not that anything bad is happening but it is nice to disconnect completely for a while from time to time.

eyes are starting to get a little heavy... yay... sleepy time...