Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In Memoriam

This morning it finally hit me that TJ is gone. All the things he meant to me and all the things he did for me over the years never really condensed in to consensus thought until he wasn't here. TJ came in to my life at a young age, for both me and him. For me I was an adult but was naive, almost useless, irresponsible, and didn't really understand what was really important about living. Shortly after he adopted me, yeah I might have picked him up from my friends house when I agreed to take him but it was he who choose me in reality, life and the world got very real for me. Some of the worst things in my memory are from that time. But TJ was there through all of it. Sometimes the only cause of a good laugh or a smile among my inter turmoil and bleak world around me.

We didn't always see eye to eye, he always wanted to sleep where he wasn't allowed. He clawed on the couch and made messes from time to time. There were literal times I know he was arguing with me. His vocals were like no other cat I have ever know and you could tell he was not happy.

Several people over the years that don't like cats all that much, me included, loved TJ because he was different. He wasn't that typical cat that was annoying. He had a presence in my home over the years that can't be described easily. He was unique and special in ways I can't put in to words. I tried to make his life a good one, I hope he agrees.

I and those that loved him will miss him very much. No one or pet could ever replace what he meant to us.

Goodbye my friend.